Excite Medical is Pleased to Announce Its Expansion into a 1,000m² Facility!

CONTACT: Saleem Musallam

Excite Medical

Phone Number: +1-813-210-1000

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tampa, FL. – January 16, 2013:

Excite Medical is please to announce its expansion into a 1,000M² facility in Tampa, FL. On November 1st of 2012, Excite Medical officially moved to its new headquarters as part of an expansion process. This comes as great new to its distributors and customers worldwide. In the new facility, Excite Medical is capable of maintaining the largest DRX9000® parts inventory in the World, capable of servicing systems manufactured from 2001 to current.

In addition, the new facility allows Excite Medical the capability of maintaining the largest inventory of DRX9000® systems in the world with ease and comfort.

About Excite Medical™:

Excite Medical was founded with a relentless determination of becoming a globally recognized company of providing cutting edge technology in the ever so competitive capital medical equipment industry.  Over time, Excite Medical has established global distribution network spanning across the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Honesty, reliability, and perseverance have been the distinguishing qualities that have been the core to Excite Medical’s success.

Excite Medical is currently based in Tampa, FL USA, less than 5 miles north of the Award Winning Tampa International Airport and 10 miles northwest of downtown Tampa.  Currently, Excite Medical has the largest inventory of true non-surgical spinal decompression equipment in the globe and parts to service the systems.  With four technicians on staff, Excite Medical has become the most reliable service company in its field.  To learn more about Excite Medical, for distribution opportunities, or contract manufacturing opportunities be sure to contact us today at +1-813-210-1000 or info@excitemdical.com. Also, visit us on the web at www.excitemedical.com.

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