DRX9000 Featured on the show The Drs

Dr Jara: Oh my god, it’s amazing what we have going on in this day and age. Axiom Worldwide came out with a machine called nonsurgical spine decompression, the DRX9000®, and it works amazing for degenerative conditions of the spine. A lot of people have neck and low back pain. I mean it’s the number one leading cause of disability in our nation, so we really need to find something to help with that and Axiom Worldwide has come out with a fantastic machine. It works by basically reversing herniated disc, protruding disc that cause numbness, tingling, sciatica down the legs that’s very compromising to people’s lives like Cindy.

DR. STORK: Dr Jara: Basically, what it does it creates like a suction force into the disc and because the disc has been compressed so we want to decompress the disc and that basically works on an oscillation so it helps to create that suction force which pulls water, oxygen and nutrients back into the disc. It rehydrates and literally you could rebuild back a disc naturally.

DR. STORK: Is it safe?

Dr Jara: Very safe. There are no side effects assuming that the patient is properly qualified. There are certain medical conditions.

DR. STORK: Is Cindy qualified then?

Dr Jara: Yes. After careful review of her records and MRI, she actually qualifies for nonsurgical spine decompression. She’ll go through a standard protocol for her. She’ll be treated five times a week for the first couple of weeks then we’ll downgrade it to three times, two times and then once a week and then she’ll be done within two months. Two to three months is generally the time it takes to treat it.

LAURA: After the second week of treatment my numbness was gone.

The DRX9000® is the Worlds Most Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment for Back and Neck Pain