DRX9000 relieves Flint woman of back pain; Equipment used at Bristol Chiropractic in Flint Township

December 30, 2008, by Laura Misjak

Source: mlive.com (Article Link)

FLINT TOWNSHIP, Michigan — A few months ago, Stephanie Muma couldn’t stand for more than five minutes without her left leg going numb.
The 46-year-old Flint accountant was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in 2001 and that, along with bulging and herniated discs, has caused her leg to lose feeling and has given her back pain for years.

She has gone through physical therapy and pain-relieving injections, but she said she would start to feel pain in her lower back again soon after the treatments.

Then Muma began her research on the DRX9000, a futuristic-sounding device she heard about a few months ago and that’s featured at Bristol Chiropractic, 5098 W. Bristol Road.

“I’ve had previous back problems for years and had never had any relief for it,” she said. “I’ve had doctors say, ‘Oh, you need surgery.’ So I was just checking different alternatives.”

She decided to try the new treatment, which is noninvasive. The DRX9000 has sensors in the bed that can pinpoint specific discs and creates a vacuum that moves discs back into place through decompression, said Dr. Micheil Hanczaryk, a chiropractor at the center.

Hanczaryk said he noticed the machine while completing continuing education classes in Florida.

About 20 patients have now used the device, and Hanczaryk said he’s pleased with the results.

“I’ve been just thrilled,” said Hanczaryk, who’s been in the business for 33 years. “I’ve never seen the degree of improvement from people who were so far down the road with their back pain and turning around.”

Dr. Andrew Millage, a decompression specialist at the center, said patients usually fall asleep during treatments, which last about 30 minutes and have a 90 percent success rate. Patients can listen to music or watch a DVD while undergoing treatments and don’t have to take the recovery time expected with surgeries.

Using the machine isn’t cheap, though.

It’s expensive to buy — about $40,000 for a used model — and Muma said she paid about $5,000 for the 20-treatment process. Still, she said she hardly feels more numbness in her leg.

“I can tell a tremendous difference,” she said.