DRX9000® Marketing

Brochures, Booklets & more

Tri-Fold Brochures:  Brief informative marketing pieces providing information on how the DRX9000® can help with back pain. Great to keep in your lobby.

ID# DRX9000®-MK-0309

Tri-Fold Brochures:  Informational brochure to briefly explain how the DRX9000c can help with neck pain. Great to keep in your lobby.

 ID# DRX9000C-MK-0309

Educational Booklet: This is a great tool to give to patients that shares with them causes of back pain, about the spine, and how the DRX9000™ can help.

ID# DRX9000®-0001 REVC

Pocket Folder:  Cover folder to keep all marketing material for patients

ID# DRX9000®-MK-5500

The DRX9000® is the Worlds Most Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment for Back and Neck Pain